Friday, September 27, 2013

Rotary Meet and Greet

yesterday night, I was introduced to my host Rotary club. There was a really bad thunderstorm yesterday right before it (seriously, I have never seen that much lighting in one place) so the power was out for about the first half of the meeting. My host father said that only about half of the club showed up to the meeting, because many didn't want to drive in the rain.  But it was still really nice.
They really rolled out the red carpet for me. (My host sister: "Megan! You are now famous!") It was so funny hearing all the different pronunciations of my name. My host father calls me mEEgan, the man introduced me called me something along the lines of mEHgan (I hope that makes sense). I find it really cute.
They called me on stage and gave me flowers, which I liked. Then
they made me give a speech, which I didn't.
After I was introduced and the other aspects of the meeting were over, we took photos. Lots of photos. One of the Rotarians told me, "Megan, Rotary motto is take photo." I can already tell this is very true.

(They all introduced themselves, but I don't remember. I was really tired.)


  1. I had no idea Rotary was world wide. That's really great. And I can't blame you for not remembering their names even if you weren't tired. Names in India are very strange (other side of the world and all) and I would need to see them written on paper before I had any chance of remembering them. Shoot. I'm horrid with American names.--Grandma M.

  2. Judging from the pictures, you may be the only redhead that anybody there has ever seen. Make sure to represent the tribe well!