Saturday, October 12, 2013

Temple tour

Puja holiday preparations are in full swing now, so Sanjna and I walked round the neighborhood to see all lights. It reminds me very much of Christmas. The next day, a couple Rotarians gave us a tour of all the biggest durgas in Durgapur. Durgas are makeshift temples erected for the four days of the Puja, each with its own theme. Some of them had fairs surrounding them - it was all festive and awesome.

Now to blow your mind: all these temples were made out of Styrofoam and cardboard.


  1. Mind blown. That's awesome. What's the stuff in the newspaper?

  2. Paela wants to know if she can go to India someday, now. Looks really festive!

  3. This is really impressive. I love all the attention to detail. It reminds me of an ice sculpture contests only on a huge scale.--Grandma M.